Ausfine Foods today is ever expanding is operations, not only to include Australia's finest meat products on offer but to also include international origins, such as New Zealand, South & North America, allowing for faster growth and keeping a ‘finger on the pulse’ with an ever changing meat world.

The staff at Ausfine have over 50 years combined experience in the meat industry and have been exporting Australian meat products since 1988. Ausfine’s expert staff are well versed in delivering against the specific requirements of international markets and can assist with any type of enquiry, providing timely and informed advice.

We are very proud to be Australian and thoroughly enjoy promoting Australia’s sought after beef, lamb, sheep & goat meat products with a high level of confidence, given the hygiene and quality assurance standards are among the highest in the world.


Through strict customs and extensive quarantine controls, Ausfine Foods can ensure supply of clean and safe, quality meat products to our many and varied customers around the world. Ausfine Foods is proudly a member of industry bodies such as MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), AMIC (Australian Meat Industry Council) and the Australian Government Authority, AUSMEAT, who set the industry standards and impose rigorous codes of practice at all stages of the processing chain. We are an accredited NPE (Non Packer Exporter) and audited annually by AUSMEAT to ensure all facets of Ausfine Foods practices are complying and often exceed AUSMEAT expectations of industry standard language conformity.


The AUSMEAT language is based on product description and objective measurements of various carcass traits such as hot weight, fat depth, sex and age of animals. Processors use the Language to define company specifications, which determine particular 'grades'. The Language covers descriptions for primal cuts and offal products derived from Beef, Veal, Sheep and Goat. The AUSMEAT Language has been adopted throughout the Australian meat industry and by most customers in importing countries.